10 Benefits of a Cloud-based PBX You Need to Know as a Gibraltar Business

Today’s modern business world requires constant connectivity, no matter where you are. This is because businesses must operate in real time to remain competitive and productive, in Gibraltar and elsewhere. In addition, businesses must also have access to their company’s phone system no matter where they are at any given moment. An on-premises or private branch exchange (PBX) system can give your business the ability to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere.

However, there are some big additional benefits of a cloud-based PBX that might be right for your Gibraltar business. A cloud-based business PBX system is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system that uses the internet to route calls. A cloud-based business PBX can be a great option for Gibraltar based businesses of all sizes. It’s especially well-suited for small businesses and businesses with multiple locations, as it’s generally more affordable and easier to set up and manage than a traditional PBX system. A cloud-based business PBX is an excellent choice for any business that wants to have a professional phone system without having to invest in expensive on-premises hardware.

A cloud-based PBX has several advantages over an on-premises PBX, including cost savings and flexibility in locations of use. Here are 10 benefits of a Cloud-Based PBX you need to know as Business owner:

Lower up-front costs

A cloud-based PBX has a lower up-front investment than an on-premises PBX. This is primarily due to the fact that you do not need to purchase or install expensive hardware, like an on-premises PBX system. However, you should know that the cloud-based PBX will cost more on a monthly basis than an on-premises PBX, due to the fact that there are additional costs for data transfer and maintenance of the system.

Mobility for employees

A cloud-based PBX can give employees the ability to work remotely, providing increased flexibility for employees. This can increase productivity and employee retention, due to the fact that it is much easier to work remotely with a cloud-based PBX system than with an on-premises PBX. You might also consider a hybrid system, which gives you the best of both worlds of a cloud-based PBX and an on-premises PBX. This can help you maintain control of the system while providing employees with the ability to work remotely.

Business Continuity

In case of a disaster or downtime of your office, the cloud-based PBX won’t be affected as it is hosted off-premises and remains available. This is in particular important for your Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan. Get in touch with The IT Lab Specialists in case you need any further advice on your BCP/DRP.

Easy collaboration with cloud apps

Using cloud-based PBX services with the right cloud applications can help you create a work environment that is easy to collaborate with. With a cloud-based PBX, you can create a virtual business phone system that allows employees to send texts, make calls and access voicemails from any device, at any time. This can facilitate better communication, more collaboration and increased productivity in your business.

More reliable service and storage

A cloud-based PBX is better equipped to handle spikes in traffic due to the fact that it is stored on the cloud, which is a virtual network. If a huge spike in traffic occurs, you might experience issues when trying to make or receive calls using an on-premises PBX system. A cloud-based PBX can better handle this traffic, ensuring that your virtual business phone system remains reliable at all times. Cloud-based PBX systems also provide better data storage than on-premises PBX systems. This is due to the fact that the data is stored off-site, which is a more secure option than storing it on your business’s premises. In addition, you can access your data from anywhere. This can be especially helpful when you need to retrieve information that is no longer on your company’s premises.

Better reporting and analytics capabilities

A cloud-based PBX offers better reporting and analytics capabilities than an on-premises PBX. This is because you can access your business’s data from any location when using a cloud-based PBX system. Your cloud-based PBX service may also offer added features, like analytics, that can help you track activity on your virtual phone system. This can help you make more informed business decisions.


Add or remove users with ease and as your business requires at very little cost.

Cloud services are constantly improving

A cloud-based PBX is evolving, and it will continue to improve. This is unlike an on-premises PBX, which will not change. This can help your business stay up to date with technology and provide the best possible services to customers.

Space saving

Because the PBX is hosted in the cloud it won’t take any hardware space up in your office, making your setup leaner and reducing on-site energy consumption.

Integrating your current phone system

Integrating your current phone system with a cloud-based PBX system can help to ease the transition. This is because you can use the cloud-based PBX to route calls to your current phone numbers. This is an added benefit that an on-premises PBX system cannot provide.

Gibraltar Based PBX and Cloud-based PBX Specialist

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A cloud-based PBX can provide your business with the ability to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere. It also offers better reporting and analytics capabilities than an on-premises PBX system, and it can be integrated with your current phone