Managed Backup Service: Why Your Business Needs It

Today’s businesses are data-driven, from operations to customer relations. Your company probably has terabytes of information stored online, in paper files and more. What will happen if a fire, flood or another disaster destroys your company’s data?

As a Gibraltar business owner, you probably have many hats to wear. You’re simultaneously the CEO, marketing director, HR manager, accountant, and more—which makes it challenging to stay on top of everything. But as your company continues to grow and thrive, it’s essential that you don’t forget about IT. Keeping data safe is a critical piece of staying organized as a Gibraltar business owner. However, between busy schedules and other responsibilities, it can be easy to put off backup maintenance. After all, most people tend to think of backups as something that can wait until tomorrow or the next day. That negligence could lead to disastrous results.

Unfortunately, cyber-attacks, natural disasters and human error can wreak havoc on business continuity plans. If your business ever loses access to critical data because of one of those factors, it would be disastrous for your company – potentially leading to irreparable losses.

Businesses need managed backups as part of their business continuity plan (BCP) because they reduce the risk of data loss while ensuring effective data recovery with minimum downtime. Let’s find out why managed backups are essential for any business, in Gibraltar and elsewhere, that values their data and wants to protect it against any potential risks that might lead to a massive data loss.

Why is a Managed Backup Service Important?

The lifeblood of any business is data. Without data, it would be difficult for most businesses to operate, let alone turn a profit. It’s important, then, that businesses have a reliable way to protect sensitive data from being lost or corrupted. For many businesses, hosting their data internally on a local server is a viable solution. However, this can be expensive, as you need to obtain, maintain and upgrade the hardware over time. It can also be difficult to scale to meet the needs of larger businesses. It also can pose a risk to your data in the event of a disaster or inaccessibility of the premises.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative: Managed data backup services. These services provide businesses with a way to back up their data in an offsite location. This means that businesses can rest assured that their data is safe, even in the event of a natural disaster or other disaster that causes damage to the business’s facilities.

It Protects Your Data

One of the most important benefits of using a managed data backup service is that it protects your data from harm. As we mentioned above, if you host your data internally, there’s a chance an accident or natural disaster could wipe it out. If you use an external backup service, however, that data is stored in a remote location. This means that it is safe from damage caused by accidents in your office. While this is important for all businesses, it is especially important for businesses that manage and store sensitive data. If you work with clients who store medical information, confidential customer data, or other sensitive information, protecting it from loss or corruption is essential. A managed data backup service can help you do that. A Managed Backup Service Strategy should always go together with a strong encryption strategy to ensure the safety of your data from prying eyes and data leaks.

It Helps You Migrate to the Cloud

As businesses grow, they often need additional computing power. Similarly, if your business has grown, you might need more computing power than your local server can provide. While you could invest in a new server, it might be more cost-effective to use cloud computing. The problem is that you need to be able to migrate your data to the cloud. Using an external data backup service can make this process easier. Not only do external data backup services protect your data from harm, but they also make it easier for you to migrate your data to the cloud. It’s as simple as uploading your data to your backup service and scheduling it for automatic backups.

It Streamlines Your Operations

Another benefit of using an external data backup service is that it can streamline your operations. One of the best ways to use your internal resources as efficiently as possible is to automate manual tasks. Data backup is one of those tasks that many businesses perform manually. That’s why it makes sense to use an external backup service. It’s easy to schedule automatic data backups and have your data safely stored in a remote location. While this is helpful in all businesses, it’s especially helpful in businesses that use multiple computers. Using an external data backup service allows you to back up your data from all of your computers and store it in one remote location. This makes it easier to restore your data in the event of a disaster and streamlines your operations.

It Reduces Operational Costs

Although data backups are an important and necessary part of any business, there are many companies that charge a high rate for their services. This can put a strain on businesses with limited budgets. However, an external data backup service is an investment that will reduce operational costs over time. When used correctly, data backup services can help you avoid costly errors and restore any lost data. In the event of a disaster, these services also allow you to restore your data quickly and without any extra effort. This means that your business can keep running smoothly even in the event of a disaster.

Gibraltar Based Managed Backup Service Provider

The IT Lab (Gibraltar) is the reliable Managed Backup Service Provider in Gibraltar for Businesses of all sizes. All managed Backups Strategies are setup in accordance with Best Practices and in case you are licensed, in accordance with regulatory requirements set by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and / or other regulators. Book a free consultation to receive a Managed Backup Service Solution tailored to your Business.


No matter if you run a small, mid or large sized Gibraltar business, you know that getting the most out of your available resources is the key to success. While you can’t eliminate all risk to your data, you do have the option of outsourcing some of your data protection efforts to a managed data backup service. They offer a simple solution to protecting your data, and they come at an affordable price.