The World of UniFi

The World of UniFi works in tandem to fulfill the essential needs of modern businesses and homes, whether it’s by enhancing security, streamlining communication, or improving network reliability.

UniFi’s product suite is designed to be intuitive, modular, and scalable so you can easily create networks as robust and large as you need. Regardless of your deployment’s size, you’ll always have complete control with a simplified, thoughtful interface that removes the familiar headaches of other network management solutions.

Design, Deploy, and Centrally Manage

The UniFi experience begins the only way it can—with you. Starting with the UniFi Design Center, you can upload your floor plan, choose which products suit your space, and decide where to place them.

Once your UniFi network is installed, all of your controllers are hosted on a central operating system, UniFi OS, housed within our all-in-one super gateway, the Dream Machine Pro, which can be managed from anywhere.

Specialized Applications That Meet Your Unique Needs

UniFi Network gives you the tools to optimize your network’s performance and customize its security to your exact specification. Its interface neatly displays real-time traffic analysis and client device insights with easy-to-read diagnostic graphs. Its feature-rich settings have been redesigned from the ground up to give you the highest degree of control yet.

UniFi Protect makes it easy to secure and surveil your business, home, and other critical facilities. The plug-and-play, subscription-free platform delivers tactical, motion-based camera security, on-demand event recall, and high-definition video recording. It’s scalable design drastically simplifies camera adoption, even with high-volume deployments, to make it easier than ever to monitor what matters most.

UniFi Access takes physical security a step further, allowing you to instantly specify who accesses your building and how. Tiered permission categories allow you to set floor and door-level access for visitors, employees, and residents. UniFi Access also dynamically logs access events on an easy-to-read dashboard that helps you map internal traffic and identify intrusive activity.

UniFi Talk, our affordable, subscription-based VoIP application simplifies line and contact management while also delivering pristine call clarity. With a series of thoughtfully designed phones ranging from traditional handsets to sleek models with integrated touchscreens, there is a UniFi Talk phone for every deployment. With Talk’s robust call logging, recording, and transcription capabilities, it’s easier than ever to recall important conversations and action items.

Next-gen IT That Empowers You

UniFi is more than a product line; it’s an embodiment of our promise to deliver cutting-edge and user-friendly technology that enriches your life, passions, and profession. We’re constantly refining the UniFi line so it evolves with your IT aspirations and needs, Through all of its iterations, the guiding principle behind UniFi remains the same: to deliver professional-grade IT that empowers your network and ushers you into the future.