Why Is Cyber Security Important for an Organization?

Protecting an organization's security should be top priority for every business. There are many hackers and different kinds of malware out there that can be devastating. They can cause your company to lose essential data, amongst many other issues. In order to avoid these problems, you’ll need to take cyber security measures.

What Is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a process that protects or recovers data from any digital device - including networks, devices and programs - from an attack. Cyberattacks are usually launched by malware, developed by hackers.

Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and damaging than ever. Since the risk of sensitive data being filtered is real, data security controls need to be ran to prevent it. Strong password policies and multi-factor authenticators are the most common resources used to mitigate cyberattacks

Types of Cyber Attacks


Also known as malicious software, malware is one of the most common cyberthreats. These intrusive software are created with the purpose of stealing data or damaging the computers of those who accidentally download them. Viruses, trojans, worms and adware are the most common ones.


Ransomware is another form of malware, but it is developed to encrypt files on a selected target. This makes those files completely unusable to an organization. Cybercriminals often ask for ransoms in order to decrypt the data.


Sending fake or fraudulent messages to different communication services while posing as a reputable source is called phishing. These types of attacks are often sent by email or phone, and aim to make organizations or users install or click a link that will lead to their data being stolen.

Login information from websites, financial records and other types of sensitive information are often stolen too.


Harmful software that spreads from one device to another is known as a virus. Its objective is to give cybercriminals access to systems that have been weakened by the virus.

The main victims of these attacks are organizations, since most viruses pretend to be legitimate software, then steal data after accessing a device.

Why Is Cyber Security Important and How Can You Address It?

There are many reasons cyber security is important for an organization. It protects businesses from data theft and damage. Cyber security also protects sensitive data, customers’ personal information, intellectual property and financial, industrial and governmental information.

Organisations will benefit from making their staff more aware of corporate cyber security threats such as scams, phishing etc. Data breaches can bring many headaches to a company, and can spread to other companies who do business with them.

With businesses being more and more reliant on technology, there are many places where data can get filtered. Credit cards, social media accounts, bank account details or cloud services such as Google Drive are the most prone to these issues. If any of those details are leaked, it could be the end of a company.

This means that governments and organizations need to work together and bring more attention and awareness to cybercrime. There are a few ways to do so, such as communicating data breaches as soon as possible, anonymizing data, and requiring user consent to provide information.

Not doing so could lead to serious issues, especially for the companies and organizations that manage or deal with this kind of data every day. In order to prevent cyberattacks, the following measures need to be taken:

Educating Employees

One of the most common causes of data breaches and filtering is human error. There are many ways to avoid it, the easiest being to train staff. Tutorials and educational programs will not only prevent cyberattacks but also give employees more knowledge.

Understanding the different types of cyber-attacks, such as data breaches, phishing, clickjacking, typo squatting, DDoS attacks and RaaS will help employees prevent cyber-attacks. An organization that ensures that their employees understand this will be much safer.

There are other common ways for organizations to educate their staff on how important cyber security is. Ensuring all of them clearly understand the definition is the first step.

Encouraging them to take care of their devices, reinforcing confidentiality and taking cyber security courses are great options. Understanding how to spot suspicious activities such as new programs appearing, devices slowing down, new browser extensions and pop-ups is also vital.

Protecting Data

Acquiring different software, tools and resources that can limit or prevent any kind of information loss is vital. There are third-party programs that monitor any risk, and continuously scan for data leaks within an organization.

If these leaks are not addressed on time, a business’s defence will be weakened, leaving the gate open for hackers to gain access to the network.

Cyber Security Service In Gibraltar  

Cyber security must be a top priority for every organization, therefore hiring a responsible and trustworthy cyber security service is vital. The team at Cyber security from IT Lab Gibraltar is one of the best in the territory, and offers many benefits.

With a fully-managed security service from a selected team of experts, IT Lab has many testers and consultants available to answer questions at any time. This allows businesses to avoid worrying about leaks. Professionals also deal with any vulnerability, deleting and solving them permanently.

The IT Lab team also has capacitation programs to help train the staff of any organisation. These programs help employees independently understand and solve cyber security problems.


Most companies would benefit from asking how they can improve their security, and how they can comply with GDPR and other regulations.

Protecting an organization from cyber threats is important during this digital era. A company that is unaware of the dangers a cyber-attack poses is at risk of losing essential sensitive data. That’s why it’s essential to learn about the different types of attack and how to prevent them.

Acquiring expert services and tools such as IT Lab Gibraltar is another important step to making a business more secure. Ensuring that data breaches won’t happen by entrusting security to a group of experts can save a company from disaster.