Why You Need IT Support: Simplifying Your Business Technology

Technology is everywhere, and businesses of all sizes are using it to streamline processes, save time and money, and reduce inefficiencies. However, that’s not to say it’s easy to implement. Businesses must first understand what their needs are, then research solutions for those needs. Once that’s done, they can begin implementation. During each step of the process, technology requires a lot of attention and maintenance to ensure optimal performance at all times. While IT support may seem like an added expense you don’t need as a small business owner, it’s actually a partner that helps you get more out of your technology investments while keeping your operating costs low. Whether your company is just getting started with new technology or you’re looking for ways to optimize the value you get from your technology investments, these five benefits explain why IT support is essential in simplifying your business tech.

1. Help you understand your business technology needs

Before you can start planning for technology, you need a thorough understanding of your business’s current needs. For example, if you need to upgrade or replace computers, laptops, or printers, you’ll want to know what brand, model, and configurations you need to get the most out of your investment. If you’re integrating new software into your workflow, you’ll want to know what type of licensing (e.g., shrink-wrap, subscription, open source) you’ll need for your business. Understanding your needs will help you avoid costly mistakes, like spending too much on unnecessary equipment or not having the right licensing in place for new software.

2. Provide an expert voice on your technology investment committee

Whether you have a Technology Committee or a Technology Investment Committee, IT support offers a third-party expert voice on your investment decisions. Let’s say you’re in the process of upgrading your computers or laptops, and you’re considering Apple versus Windows or Mac versus Windows. You may be partial to Apple products, but the IT department offers a third-party expert opinion, guiding you toward the right solution for your business.

3. Help build and maintain your tech infrastructure

IT support helps you build your tech infrastructure by identifying existing infrastructures (good and bad) and mapping out an optimal path forward for your business. For example, if you’re currently using cloud-based solutions, the IT department will identify ways to build on and extend the benefits you’re already receiving. Or, if you’re using a hybrid approach that mixes cloud and on-premise solutions, the IT department will identify ways to streamline operations and extend benefits across all environments.

4. Help simplify the user experience for your employees

IT support helps you and your team members learn how to use your new business technology as quickly as possible. Whether you’re adding new software or equipment to your business, like new printers, computers, or laptops, the IT team will guide you and your team members through the new technology until it becomes second nature. For example, if you’re implementing a new CRM software, the IT department will coach your team members through the transition from the old system to the new system until everyone is comfortable using it.

5. Continually monitor and provide security for your environment

IT support continually monitors your systems and provides security for your business by identifying and resolving issues before they impact your business. For example, if the email server is sending out spam, the IT department will quickly identify and fix the problem. Or, if there’s a security breach that could put your data at risk, the IT team will act quickly to contain the situation. This continual monitoring and proactivity is especially important when it comes to security. For example, if you receive a phishing email, the IT team will help you identify it as a scam. And, if you click the link, they’ll help you remediate the situation.

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6. Summing up

Technology is an essential part of modern business, but it can be complicated. From hardware to software, there are many components that need to work together seamlessly. That’s where IT comes in. They are the people who make sure that technology works. They make sure that your computers and networks are running smoothly, and they troubleshoot when something breaks. However, it isn’t enough to just have people working in IT. All departments in a company need to work together. For example, marketing needs to understand the limitations of what they can do with the company’s website. If IT hasn’t set up the website correctly, then marketing won’t be able to make changes. Likewise, IT needs to understand what marketing needs to do their job. In short, having a strong partnership between IT and marketing will help your company run more smoothly.